Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Setting up our Kanban board

Last week one of my clients and I set up a Kanban board for the team. We did it as a physical board, and we're backing each card with an issue in a tracker.

We plan to use the issue tracker for these purposes:
  • generate a Cumulative Flow Diagram (perhaps scripting an export to CSV or Excel)
  • searchable index of activity
  • release management tracking
  • conversation (comments, emails, checkins) for details larger than a notecard
Here's what the board looks like:
Some details (that are hard to read):
  • A Prioritized Queue on the left, highest priority on top
  • Three workflow/VSM steps: InProgress, Review, Deployment
  • Review is for developer peer review, and Staging (on QA for general review)
  • Deployment Ready is available for production deployment, Deployed is recently deployed.
  • Three swimlanes: two for development activities, one for IT operations support.
This is the current prototype for the cards:
Some of the tools that we use include sticky post-it notes and Stikky Clips. (Note: We found the Stikky Clips at a teacher supply store, not a big office supply store.)

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Liza said...

Ohh.. Love those post-its really. =p Having your task boards whether at home or at office will make you more organized in your daily tasks. I've seen offices that have their own Kanban board.