Monday, May 11, 2009

Back from the Lean Kanban Conference

I'm back and planning on posting to my blog more. I've been posting on Twitter ( fairly regularly now. Some stuff just doesn't fit within 140 characters...

The Lean and Kanban conference was awesome: both humbling and inspiring. My trip report will show up on The Agile Executive blog ( soon... I'll post a direct link.

Below is a summary of my twitter activity, just to get warmed up.

  1. @TheOtherAlistai @RonJeffries Iteration is like metronome, Kanban is like multiple rhythms, from #lk2009 (must find who said that...)
  2. RT have a YouTube link for this eating style ;) -- @jeremiahakin: Langston eats apples like mr peepers from Saturday Night Live
  3. #lk2009 So long, Miami, and thanks for all the fish!
  4. @agile_exec Picked up a Lean Kanban Conference preceesings book for Israel... Who really should have been here! #lk2009
  5. @alshalloway great conversation about how/why Kanban removes fear/impedemnts to individual learning, must blog! #lk2009
  6. @agilemanager why is introducing Kanban easier than Scrum? I'm suggesting Kanban provides concrete reflection tools, lowers barrier #lk2009
  7. Err, I meant tuning WIP and workflow is easy for people that wouldn't normally contribute to retrospective #lk2009
  8. Tuning WIP limits and workflow on the board is low resistance, even fir people that normally would say a think in a retrospective #lk2009
  9. I said concrete introspection is maybe the reason kanban is different. Just telling people to reflect doesn't just work. #lk2009
  10. I said concrete introspection, I mean that most people won't retrospect. Getting more people thinking in the biz is the real win. (hypothes)
  11. Laribee just compared Kanban boards to the RESTful web metaphor... #lk2009
  12. Any good survey of online kanban tools? #lk2009
  13. Any good summary of online kanban tools? #lk209
  14. Alisson Vale contract agreements: problem solving, support, improvements for sustainability, new value #lk2009
  15. Alisson Vale defined four (social?) contracts with customers #lk2009
  16. Alisson Vale "long term relationships require long term contracts" #lk2009
  17. @carlacorkern Chaka what? :) I'm at the learning gemba, not vegetarian.
  18. @dennisstevens I'm not sure TWI is right either, but I have a strong hunch that is has wisdom for teaching knowledge workers. #lk2009
  19. #lk2009 link to TWI resource: training within industry is a WWII management system that influenced Lean.

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