Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Notes from NetObjectives Lean Webinar

These are notes from a NetObjectives Webinar on "Using Lean Thinking to Align People, Process and Practices".

This was a really succinct presentation that still covered a lot of ground. If you register it is still available for free viewing!

Lean Software Development:
Focuses on the ability to add value quickly now, while improving the ability to add value quickly in the future.
Edwards Deming:
  • Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDSA)
  • System of Profound Knowledge
Gary Hamel. "Management Innovation" in Harvard Business Review. Feb 2006
Only after American carmakers had exhausted every other explanation for Toyota's success - an undervalued yen, a docile workforce, Japanese culture, superior automation - were they finally able to admit that Toyota's real advantage was its ability to harness the intellect of 'ordinary' employees.
Lean - A New Paradigm
Engaged, thinking people
Referenced "Software by Numbers" (better graphics...)

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