Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Writings on Scalability Topics

I suggest reading these blogs.

Jeff Darcy (Canned Platypus) has an great blog, and also this article on High Performance Server Architecture. The article talks about the performance and scalability implications of
  1. Data copies
  2. Context switches
  3. Memory allocation
  4. Lock contention
Dan Creswell (author of Blitz JavaSpaces) has collected a Distributed Systems Reading List. The list include references to key papers from Google, MySpace, eBay, Amazon, and also some distributed theory papers.


kwbeam said...

That is mind-blowingly great stuff. I've passed it around to some friends as must-reads. The scale of many of these services is just breathtaking and it's incredibly interesting to see how various companies have tried to scale up and out. I found it particularly interesting that eBay abandoned most of the J2EE stack, and that most of the big-guys at this scale have 'rolled-their-own' infrastructure to handle it. Inspiring!

Nati Shalom said...

I also came across this interesting analysis by Dan. I've posted more thoughts on this topic here: The true meaning of linear scalabiltiy

Nati S.

PetrolHead said...

Hello, thanks for the cross-link.

Just wanted to say I think your link to Jeff's blog is broken (seems to point at my site)?

Very best,


John Heintz said...

Arg, fixed the link. Thanks for the heads-up.

John Heintz said...

Nati, I was reading the blog entry you referenced.

The white paper you published is behind a registration.

That's likely intentional, but it lowers my chance of reading it, and I won't link to a registration only paper from these pages.

Any open link to it?

Nati Shalom said...

Oops, it is fixed now
Here is the direct link for the scalability whitepaper